There are plenty pins, posts and blogs about how to avoid sugar, eat clean and what substitutes you could try. These are generally for dietary reasons or to keep your family healthy, but what happens when there’s a pre-existing expectation and demand for chocolate eggs wrapped in bright colours and crazy metallics? How do you avoid sugar over Easter weekend when your 4-year-old (or even your husband) cannot wait to hunt for the treasures left by the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning?Avoid sugar over easter

There’s the first clue. That’s exactly what Easter eggs are – treasures. Kids are taught hide and seek as soon as they can walk and coordinate putting their hands over their eyes. Easter morning is a super cool game because chocolate eggs have been hidden for them to seek out! So, why should they have to look for chocolate? There are plenty other things the Easter bunny could bring your children that won’t make them feel different to their friends, cousins or whoever you may be waking up with on Easter morning.

Here are some ideas to help you avoid sugar over Easter weekend:

  1. Remember those little balls from the dispenser that have a surprise in them? Replicate a few of those and fill them with things like those elastics with cute little dangly things on them for girls and maybe a slimy hand for boys. Wrap them in multi-coloured foil and hide them around the garden.

    Avoid sugar over easter weekend
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  2. Keep the Easter bunny phantom alive by dipping your fingers in some flour or dirt and tracking marks through the house, patio or garden.

    Avoid sugar over easter weekend
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  3. Stick with the Easter theme and hide pastel-themed gifts.
  4. Find (or paint) some bunny canvas bags and fill them with things like colouring books and pencils, a DVD or even a mini Lego set. Learn how to make a bunny canvas bag.Avoid sugar over easter weekend
  5. Woolies often sell those bright coloured plastic eggs filled with Jelly beans. Empty the jelly beans out and fill them with healthy snacks or kid coupons. Kid coupons are like little vouchers for your kid that give them have a few extra minutes of TV time, give them a pass to skip picking up the dog poop (just once) or even choose the next restaurant for a dinner out.

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  6. Drained chicken eggs that your kids can paint and decorate with food colouring are an eggcellent idea and are such fun! , You could even roll a small piece of paper up with a message and pop it into the hole you’ve made in the egg like this example from Pinterest.

Whatever your reasons for avoiding sugar over the Easter weekend, you can easily find ways to make up for it and keep the excitement alive! (You also don’t need to worry about your dog sniffing out the chocolate before your child does or having to throw away 7-month-old Easter eggs that have been forgotten.

Have you heard of or tried other Easter egg alternatives?

Danielle Combrink