Are you sitting at home or work right now and feeling as if you have completely dropped the ball on your healthy eating regime after this weekend? Are you wondering how to get back onto the healthy bandwagon even though that last box of Easter eggs is starring at you? If your answers are yes, then you have the post-Easter blues that I believe most women are suffering from right now.

Beat the Post-Easter Blues!

Jumping back on track with your eating plan and workout routine is not always the easiest thing to do. A sugar hangover is your most likely problem. Did you know that there is such a thing as a “Sugar Hangover”?  It occurs after eating too much sugar because the sugar causes your body to go on a roller coaster ride of ups and down and your moods often follow.

Here is what happens during a sugar hangover

  • Refined sugars enter your bloodstream (in the form of delicious Easter eggs of course)
  • Your blood sugar levels rise.
  • Your pancreas is pressured to release insulin (a hormone that helps sugars get into your cells).
  • The insulin helps to use up the sugar rapidly, so blood sugar levels crash.
  • Your body goes into a sugar low or hypoglycemia.
  • More hormones are released to deal with the sugar low and return your body to a balanced state (this causes a stress response in your body).
  • These hormones squeeze sugar from your liver, sending blood sugar back up.

This constant up and down of sugar levels and hormones will cause you to feel tired, irritable, and moody. It will cause headaches and joint pains and make you feel lethargic. On top of it all, it makes your body crave sugar to help it balance out its sugar levels, therefore continuing the cycle. However, ladies do not worry! You can overcome this sugar hangover with just a little bit of extra effort on your side. Make small daily changes and set goals for yourself. Even if it takes you a week to get back to the completely healthy you.

Ease back into your healthy routine by:Beat the Post-Easter Blues!

  • Drinking lots of water.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Having fruit for your sugar fix (just not too much).
  • Getting a good night’s rest.

Like I said, start small. Take the left-over Easter eggs and chocolate to work and share it amongst your co-workers, or give it to your children to share with their friends. The idea is to rid your home of any leftover chocolate that might cause temptation. Slowly start cutting out bad carbohydrates and refined sugar. Perhaps lessen the sugar amount in your coffee/ tea each day. Each small step is leading towards a healthier you. As you cut out sugar in your diet you could become a little grumpy. This is just your sugar levels trying to sort themselves out. All you have to do is stick it out and the grumpiness will go away. You will feel like your energised self in no time!

Feeling lethargic can put a dent in your gym/exercise routine and the only way to get out of that is to force yourself to get up, get into those gym clothes and go to the gym. Once you are there you will enjoy the workout and your body will start to feel instantly better. Getting your body back into its routine is as simple as going for a walk and gradually increasing that walk to a jog and then to a run. All the lazy will leave your system in no time!

What about cheat meals?Beat the Post-Easter Blues!

I believe in having cheat meals because life is about experience and enjoyment. If you are out with friends it’s okay to have pizza or a cocktail and a burger every now and then – it won’t kill you! The most important thing to remember is to not to over indulge and to enjoy things in moderation. Having one chocolate a day is not moderation, a chocolate once a week is more along the lines of moderation. Try to improve your eating-out habits in small areas such as; have sweet potato fries instead of normal fries, eat half of the hamburger bun instead of the whole thing and share a pizza rather than trying to eat the whole thing or ending up with left-overs for the next day.

Being healthy has so many benefits; it helps with your energy levels, your skin and helps get rid of that bloated feeling. Find a healthy eating plan and workout that works for you and stick to it best you can, we are human and no one is perfect. Don’t get yourself down if you have a bad eating day (or long weekend); rather do your best to make sure you have an 80% healthy lifestyle and get back on track as soon as you can!

What are you doing to get back on track after the long weekend?

Much love, Danni




Danielle Combrink