#BeBoldForChangebe bold for change

Today is International woman’s day and the theme for this is #BeBoldForChange, they are challenging women to take action that truly drives the change for women. Women have come so far in gaining their rights, being able to take charge of themselves, their bodies and breaking out of the stereotypical view of a woman, however, women are still subject to so being judged for how they dress and how much makeup they do and don’t wear. I decided to write a blog on make-up and how it helps in building a woman’s confidence and in turn empowers them.

Make-up is such a controversial topic these days, so many people say “Why wear make-up, you are naturally beautiful”, “You don’t need makeup to look pretty”. Yes this is true, all women are uniquely beautiful in their own special way. It’s not up to your boyfriend, husband or family; it’s up to you to make the decision about make-up and how and when you wear it.

As a woman you have the ability to make your own decision about what you want to wear and how you want to look – how amazing is that! After years of men telling women how to dress, women are allowed to choose what face to put on. I truly believe that every woman should be able to make her own decisions about her body, her makeup and her style to make her feel the best she can in her own body.

Make up is something that does not cover up the flaws of a woman but rather accentuates her beauty. A woman cannot always control the fact that she has skin blemishes or bags under her eyes from a sleepless night looking after a crying baby, but she can put on some concealer, perfect her winged eyeliner and get those brows on fleek to feel bold enough to face the day.

First impressionsbe bold for change

Your first impression of a person is something that will stick in their mind for a long time, how you present yourself in the professional world, romantic world and casual world is important. Makeup may not be seen as a necessity in today’s modern world, however showing up to a date or interview with a nice suit or dress on accompanied by well put on make-up,not only shows the person you are meeting that you put in the extra effort but it also shows that you care about what the person thinks of you and the conclusions they will draw from your appearance.Yes someone will accept you regardless of if you have makeup on or not but putting in the effort to put makeup on shows that you look after yourself and in the professional world (which women have fought so hard to be recognised in) it communicates strong messages.

Makeup is like a good friendBe bold for change

Makeup not only helps you bring out your beauty but also makes you feel empowered. Walking into a situation you are nervous about is something difficult to deal with and if you have a bad skin or a pimple on the day of your date or interview that may add extra stress you really don’t need. Makeup is simply there as a good friend who shows you the beautiful person you are, instils happiness when you look in the mirror and makes you feel like the confident person you really are.

Women are constantly busy trying to balance family life, work and friendships; this is not always an easy task. The crying baby at 2am will cause you to look drained and pale, the university project that keeps you up night after night will cause those dark rings under your eyes and yes even the party you went to that kept you out until 5am while you were fully aware of the family breakfast at 8am will cause you to look like crap, but this is when we turn to our good friend -makeup, who despite our exhaustion will pick us up and make us look great on the outside which makes us feel great on the inside.

The FeelingBe bold for change

Every girl knows the feeling of getting your winged eyeliner right or the perfect contouring – it literally makes you feel like you are super human and can conquer all of life’s challenges. The feeling of satisfaction and control women get out of a flawless face of makeup radiates through them the whole day.

The choice is yours

Choice is a right women have fought for – for centuries. Now, you get to choose how you want to express yourself and decide what impressions you want to create.

The look you want is completely up to you, you do not have to conform to what celebrities look like unless that is what you are aiming for, then just go ahead and create yourself in any which way you please.

Make up is for you – not anyone else, it is an extension of whom you are and what you want, it can bring confidence and happiness and that isn’t something to be ashamed of. It isn’t up to anyone else what your style should be and how you should look. It’s your body, your choice, do what you want and have fun with it!be bold for change





















Danielle Combrink