This is by far one of my favourite places to visit. We go at least once a month and boy, do we love it! The host and hostess, Nicky and Phillip, are always welcoming and they have even said yes to letting our pet sheep, Luke, roam there with their goats.

We love the fact that we can take our son with, seeing that they have all kinds of fury friends there, as well as a playground for the kids. They have been doing horse back rides lately too, which I can’t wait to do soon seeing that I love horses.

When we went there to have some of their amazing cheese platter and pizzas, we noticed that they were building a new restaurant. I am looking forward to see the complete project as they want to host weddings too. They have a lovely farm setting for a lovely farm wedding.

Because they offer accommodation as well, it’s great for the family and close friends (as well as the bride and maybe even the groom) to stay there the night before (and of) the wedding.

I almost forgot to mention they have a putt-putt course as well. I’m always such a bore when I go there because all I really wanna do is sit and stuff my face with cheese. It is a cheese farm right??

I’ve taken my family (aaaall the way from England) there too and they liked it just as much. The atmosphere is great and for us, living in a small town, it’s nice to go out there to experience nature at its finest.

My favourite cheese that they make there is the Chevin Garlic and Herb Goats Cheese. I am such a fussy person when it comes to food, especially when you get some goats milk cheese that smell like you know what! However, that cheese is so creamy and smooth and has just the most perfect texture that has ever touched my tongue!

My mouth is watering as I am typing this. I think I might just pay the cheese farm another visit this

Cheese Farm and Lodge Playground

Cheese Farm and Lodge - Cheese Platter

I have to admit, their cheese platter for one is enough for two! No jokes! I went there with a friend earlier this year and we wanted the cheese platter for a starter and thought about ordering a pizza to share for mains. We never even touched the pizza and couldn’t finish the cheese! And I definitely can eat! But that was just too filling!

Cheese Farm and Lodge - Swimming Pool

I can’t wait for summer to come so we can eat cheese and swim till winter starts again. The seating area is built right around the pool so people can actually have their lunch and watch their kids enjoy the cool water at the same time.

I enjoy snooping around in the little gift shop and often find myself purchasing a packet of homemade “koeksisters”. What’s not to love??

Cheese Farm and Lodge - Gift Shop Cheese Farm and Lodge - Gift Shop

Cheese Farm and Lodge - Gift Shop

If you ever find yourself in the Mtubatuba/St.Lucia area, go pop in their and have some cheese, maybe a dip in the pool or even try and milk one of their goats! I heard that is quite a challenge. And if you do go, let me know in the comments if you had a great experience. I would love to know all about it!

Lotsa Love


Danielle Combrink