Winter is rapidly approaching and we are all changing our closets around and finding our warm socks. Winter is the season of hot chocolate, fluffy blankets and lighting fires, however, it is also the season of dry flakey skin and hair that just will not cooperate.

Dry skin and dry, frizzy hair in winter.
Why does my hair go static in winter?

When the winter season comes around the moisture that occurs naturally in the air lessens. This causes your hair to feel frail, tangle all the time and it look dull. This dry air depletes your hair of the moisture it needs. Your hair frizzes because it is so desperately trying to get any moisture it can from the air so it spreads out and searches.

What can you do about it?

Here are a few steps to making sure your hair stays healthy and moisture filled:

  1. Condition your hair after you wash it; conditioner replenishes the moisture in your hair, helps keep it from getting tangled.
  2. Commit to a deep conditioning once a week. By this, I mean using a leave-in conditioner for 10 minutes before washing it out, this helps to seal your hair which keeps your hair from going haywire in search of moisture.Dry skin and dry frizzy hair in winter
  3. When your hair is dry use a metal brush to brush it as metal is a conductor and therefore doesn’t entice static hair like a plastic brush does.
  4. Moroccan oil is a must! Apply Moroccan oil to your hair to help add in and lock in moisture, if you have generally greasy hair then rather apply Moroccan oil to the tips of your hair rather than your whole head. Moroccan oil should be used sparingly as too much will make it look greasy.
  5. Be gentle when drying your hair with a hair dryer, make sure that the heat is on its lowest setting; a
    hair dryer that’s too hot will dry your hair out even more and add to the static frizz. The better option is to let it dry by itself and not use a hairdryer.

Why does my skin dry out in winter?

In winter the humidity drops and the air is cold and lacks moisture, this causes the water that is found naturally in your skin to evaporate which makes your skin feel dry, tight and start to flake.
The most common thing to do when you have dry skin is to moisturise, there is a new product that I found recently that is amazingDry skin and dry frizzy hair in winter, it’s Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer. Usually, Vaseline is the type of cream that seals in moisture more than giving the skin moisture but this new product is a fast absorbing moisturiser that smells great and works well. The quick spray on moisturiser cuts the time you would usually take to moisturise in half. It’s simple and a great quick fix.
Moisturising your skin and hair is not only about putting products on, it is also about looking after yourself from the inside. Drinking lots of water will help keep your skin and hair hydrated. Hair and skin maintenance becomes easier with the assistance of products that work.

So make sure you drink enough water, eat as well as you can and stay healthy. I know being healthy and drinking cold water in winter is difficult. Try staying hydrated by warming up water and adding some honey and lemon to it.
I know long pants and shirts hide our dry skin and beanies and hair ties are a quick fix solution but in winter you really do need to look after yourself so that you can continue to have healthy skin and hair that will be ready to take on summer the second it arrives back.

What are your skin and hair care regimes during winter? What products do you absolutely swear by?

Danielle Combrink