Okay. So, if you’re like me, your year-end has been absolute madness. That means I have not had the time to figure out exactly what to get everyone for Christmas. The shops are going to be packed, stock may be finished and unique ideas are few and far between. If you cover your bases you may be able to get away with a lack of planning. Sorry, I’m totally not one of those people who shop and hoard Christmas gifts the whole year – if you are, then I envy you and this blog probably does not apply to you at all. If you’re in the same boat as me, here’s a little brainstorming session of last minute gift ideas for your parents, hubby (boyfriend, fiancé, significant other), in-laws, best friend and siblings.last minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas for your parents

I generally find gifts for parents really difficult. There’s always so much you want to do for them and give to them to thank them for putting up with you over the years. To them, any token of appreciation is enough and it’s really the thought that counts. A few ideas:

  • Spa vouchers
  • Framed family photos
  • Something to add to a hobby – for example: if your dad does carpentry, you could get him a woodworking book.
  • A magazine subscription
  • Clothes – because we all know our parents never buy themselves new clothes
  • Meal voucher for date night
  • Tickets to a show

Last minute gift ideas for your significant other

When it comes to spoiling your significant other, remember this – you do not need to ‘match’ gift values. This means that if you’ve had 12 days of Christmas gifts, you definitely do not need to do the same. They’re certainly not expecting it. With that said, here’s what you can do:

  • Book an experience. This is often a total win because you may get to go along with them!
  • Adding to a hobby – a new PlayStation game, drone attachment or magazine subscription
  • Clothing vouchers
  • A family photo album
  • Something special involving your child, like a handprint plate

Last minute gift ideas for in-laws

This is almost more stressful than gifts for your own parents. Again, it is generally the thought that counts and remember – you do not need to live up to any expectations.

  • A jar filled with goodies. This could include a pamper pack or a set of handy tools.
  • A magazine subscription
  • Framed family photos
  • A compilation of family recipes. This is my favourite – especially if your significant other often makes family meals from their childhood.

Last minute gift ideas for your best friend

You should know your best friend better than most people so this one is generally not as hard as the others. But again, we’re looking for last minute gifts that shout ‘I thought long and hard about this!’

  • An item of clothing they have been wanting forever
  • Adding to a hobby they’ve picked up lately – like knitting
  • A hard drive filled with series you’ve enjoyed lately that you’re certain they will love just as much
  • A mix-tape of your friendship
  • A handwritten memory book – filled with pictures and ‘remember when’ memos

Last minute gift ideas for siblings

They may annoy you 364 days of the year, but Christmas morning is the one morning of the year where your love and affection for your siblings is out for the entire family to see. I suggest putting on a show so you remain the favourite child. You can have such fun with sibling gifts:

  • A satiristic personalised t-shirt. I highly suggest printing your face on a t-shirt with a caption ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better sibling’. If not, you can print a line from their favourite show, song or even novel.
  • The hard drive of series – you could even duplicate the one you gave your best friend. If your siblings are still studying they’d really appreciate this
  • An experience voucher. Such as go-karting or a hot air balloon ride
  • Spa vouchers
  • Clothing vouchers

Some of the suggestions are quite repetitive but they are super applicable – making them really easy last minute gift ideas. Maybe next year we’ll become Christmas gift hoarders, but until then – what are your last minute gift go-to’s?


Danielle Combrink