I have been a girl my whole life (thankfully) and there have been some things that I wish I had learned sooner which would have saved me so much time, effort and embarrassment. You may want to take a few notes, here are a few life hacks every girl should know.life hacks every girl should know

There is nothing worse than being at the end of your budget or stranded on a holiday with your boyfriend’s family and you look like you’ve decided to rough it out by living off the land for the past month.

A few dilemmas I feel every girl should know how to deal with:

Grown-out manicures

One of the best feelings is walking out the salon with a fresh pair of claws that have an extra glossy shine and a piece of nail art – or two, until you realise that you’re going to need to splash a few hundred in the next few weeks to go for a fill.grown out manicure

There are some months that are literally impossible to find the money to go for a soak or fill so you might need to make another plan. Picking your gel or acrylic off is an absolute NO. You can do some serious damage to your nails.

There are two awesome hacks I highly recommend:

Artificial nail remover
Nailene Nail Polish Remover Artificial – Takealot R159
  1. You can soak them off yourself by spending a little bit of cash on artificial nail remover and save on future soaks.
  2. Fill them yourselves with a ‘mini fill!’

To do a mini fill you’re going to need a nail file and some nail polish.

Use the nail file to file the regrowth of your manicure so it flows smoothly and evenly from your natural nail. Try not to file your actual nail. Clean the filing off and paint a few layers of the nail polish on until you have even coverage over the whole nail – voila! That should do it until you manage to get some extra cash for a proper fill or soak.

Hair regrowth (and I’m not just talking about on your head)

There comes a time where there is no time to sit in the salon for hours bleaching your roots or you need to reign in your overdraft. If you are suffering from serious regrowth there are a few quick fixes you can try.

  1. Hair chalk.
    Hair Chalk
    Hair Chalk – Takealot R190

    This stuff isn’t just cool to give yourself rad pink of blue highlights but you can actually use it to colour in your regrowth and temporarily hide the harshness of it.

  2. Wear your hair differently.By having a dead-straight middle parting you are deliberately exposing your roots and enhancing your regrowth – especially if you haven’t washed your hair for a few days.
    Regrowth with French braids
    Image courtesy of Pinterest

    Hide your regrowth by tying your hair up, parting it to the side or even braiding it – I’ve always found that braids in hair with regrowth actually look quite cool

  3. Embrace it. Ombre has been a long-standing trend and I doubt it’s going to go away anytime soon. Leave your regrowth and enjoy not having to colour it every single month and eventually it will look like a deliberate ombre style.

If you’re dealing with body hair growth and can’t afford to go for a wax, there are so many products on the market that enable you to sort this out yourself. A few products I would recommend are:

  1. Mandy’s original wax strip (face).
    Mandy’s Original Wax Strips (face)
    Mandy’s Original Wax Strips (face) – R59,95

    The transparent strip helps you see exactly where you are placing the wax so you don’t end up waxing half your lip off. PLEASE DON’T WAX YOUR LIP THE DAY OF AN IMPORTANT EVENT. If you don’t do it right you could end up with a red moustache that will require layers of concealer and foundation to hide.

  2. Mandy’s hot wax cup. If you have confidence in your hot waxing abilities then this is fantastic. If you can perfect doing your own hot waxing you will never need to spend money on another wax again.
    Mandy’s Hot Wax Mug – R72.95

    Please be careful if you’re planning on doing your own bikini wax – I have the ultimate home-bikini-horror-story ever. It’s funny now, it wasn’t at the time.

  3. Veet. Despite the smell, Veet is always a good option for those not willing to risk ugly waxing stories or if you can’t bear to pull the wax strip off yourself. Just be sure to test a small patch somewhere to ensure you don’t have a reaction to it.

Fading eyebrows

Before and After my microblading

I did a blog and video on microblading earlier on this month – if you are spending money every single month dying your eyebrows and replacing eyebrow pencils, please do yourself a favour and get this done. You literally won’t regret it.

If permanent makeup isn’t on your list of things you want to do there is another option:

Julienne 45Day PERMASCARA Kit – R114.95
  1. Learn how to dye your eyebrows yourself. I really like the Julienne brand – it’s extremely well priced and lasts forever. It also comes in a complete kit so you don’t need to worry about purchasing your own developer or dish to mix it in.

Cosmetics and makeup that have seen better days

cosmetics and makeupSome of your cosmetics and makeup could be hanging on by a thread – fighting for their last breath or they’re completely finished and you can’t afford to replace them just yet.  Here are a few things you can take care of:

  1. Lumpy, dry mascara: Just before using your mascara, stick it in a cup of hot water. This should help squeeze the last little bit of life out of it and assist in a semi-smooth application.
  2. Depletion of your contour kit: if you have (or rather had) a contour kit, you should probably have quite a few different eyeshadow palettes. In these palettes, you may be lucky enough to find a brown/tan colour and a light enough colour that you can substitute for a highlighter. If you manage to blend these right, no one will even notice the difference and you may be able to get away with it for quite a while.
  3. Clumpy nail polish: Your nail polish generally becomes clumpy because it wasn’t sealed properly. As a preventative measure, be sure to use some nail polish remover to wipe the top of your nail polish before putting the lid back on. It’s obviously too late for that at this stage so adding a little drop of acetone and shaking the nail polish around a bit should do the trick.
  4. Makeup removal wipes: These little babies are incredible. But they’re also quite pricey when you’re paying for 20 wipes (if that) at a time. If you’re lucky, you may have some coconut oil in the house.
     coconut oil
    Nature’s Choice Coconut Oil – R46.95

    You can take a coin-sized bit, rub it in your hands until it turns into oil and work it all over your face – waterproof mascara may require a little more gentle rubbing. Then take a warm, damp facecloth and literally just wipe your makeup off. The great thing is you may not even need to moisturise your face afterwards – I bet you didn’t see that coming. There are also so many other benefits to using coconut oil on your face.

I’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg with these handy tricks – there are so many clever little ways you can save money and hold on a little longer. If you’d like some more or want advice, please let me know in the comments below, alternatively, you can add your own!

Danielle Combrink