2017 was a year filled with what I believe to be the craziest beauty trends of all time and although some were pulled off by some miracle, I do hope that some 2017 trends stay in 2017.

Be Extra.

If there was a panel of yearly officials that decided on what would be popular for each year I would imagine the 2017 panel’s goal being, “Be EXTRA extra.”eyebrows were thick, thin then thick again BUT have we ever feathered or curled them? We have now. Goal achieved: EXTRA. Honestly though, what was up with the weird eyebrows? Who okayed that? The first time I saw a model with wavy eyebrows I thought it was an actual joke. Turned out it was an actual trend and my normal uni-curved eyebrows and I were laughing alone. But remember the goal “be EXTRA extra”, so curvy and feathered eyebrows weren’t enough. Enter bleached eyebrows and enter glitter eyebrows.

Kendall Jenner was one of the first celebs to rock bleach eyebrows and Bella Thorn posted a selfie where she had glitter pink eyebrows. Imagine if 2018 brought about the normal, natural eyebrow trend. THAT would be crazy.


Fuller, lusher lips.

Moving right along from the eyebrows… well a few centimetres down from the eyebrows at least. The Kylie Jenner lips. Voluptuous, full lips have always been considered beautiful but 2017 seriously took it to the next level. Lip plumpers, enhancers and implants have never been quite as popular. People around the world uploaded videos of sucking on cups to get the Kylie Jenner Lip look but instead, most of them ended up with bruised upper lips and looking a little bit like the Joker. Who would do that to themselves?

Okay… I know someone that did it to themselves. After a few glasses of wine, she sucked her lips into a lip enhancing tool that she had bought from Swiitch Beauty. Her lips definitely looked bigger (perhaps just swollen), but they were bruised for three days afterwards.Goal achieved 2017, lips were Extra extra.

Makeup applicators

So the 2017 panel is chilling, very proud of their extra eyebrows and lips but it is just not enough, is it? No, it isn’t. Applying makeup with your hand, a sponge or a brush were perfectly adequate methods once, but definitely not in 2017.

People tried to apply makeup with just about anything other than the conventional tools, such as condoms. Yes, condoms. Apparently they don’t absorb any of your base and leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. Another tool in 2017 that was apparently just as great when it came to applying foundation was a hard boiled egg.

Not really catering for the vegans that took over the world in 2017 so I am sure the hard boiled egg foundation applier’s life was short lived. Although I think this is one of the most ridiculous and craziest beauty trend of 2017, I am actually quite excited to see what people come up with in 2018!

Crazy doesn’t always mean bad

Luckily “Crazy” doesn’t always mean “Bad” and the beauty trend of 2017 that proves this is the buzz cut. Stars like Cara Delevinge, Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart showed the world that women can absolutely rock the buzz cut look better than any man can.

Girl power

And on the topic of women being awesome, 2017 brought about an amazing change in the feminist community. Girl Power is the best and craziest beauty trend of 2017: Crazy because it has taken women so long to get to where we are today, and beautiful because what is more breath taking than the unity of women? Panel of 2017, you did good and this trend is one that can stay forever.

It is safe to say that the imaginary panel succeeded in making 2017 an EXTRA extra year, one that we definitely will not forget. Let’s hope 2018 brings us as much crazy to keep us entertained.

Danielle Combrink