I am absolutely loving Smashbox at the moment. They are cruelty-free, intensely pigmented and their makeup is really great quality. Today I’m reviewing some of their products which I consider to be the essentials you should have in your makeup kit.Smashbox

Smashbox is an L.A brand and you can purchase it at Woolworths, Red Square, Edgars and Foschini.

If you plan on moving all your makeup over to Smashbox then you’re going to want to phase your Smashbox purchases out because the brand is a little pricey.

Here are the products I recommend buying first:

  1. Their Photo Finish Primer is the perfect primer for your foundation. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and makes your makeup last forever. Fun fact about this product – it was actually the first product Smashbox ever created.

    Smashbox has a range of primers for colour correction and all day radiance but I would highly recommend adding their original photo finish primer to your collection first if you’re on a budget.

    This product will set you back R440

  1. Their 15 Hour Foundation. Smashbox 15 Hour Foundation.This product has incredible coverage and really lasts the whole day (especially when paired with their primer.) The great thing about this product is that if you want maximum coverage you can build on it without the foundation going ‘cakey’.

    It serves as the perfect canvas for other products as it doesn’t come off when applying them – for example with some foundations when you start to contour and blend, the foundation comes off with the blending, leaving your face super patchy.

    This product is oil free but still leaves you with a dewy, fresh look. You can also wear this foundation confidently in super humid conditions or even at the gym as it is “Sweat, humidity and exercise-resistant”.

    The Smashbox 15 Hour foundation will set you back R495

  1. A concealer. I purchased the Smashbox BB Cream Eyes Smashbox BB Cream Eyesand I must say that I’m not too impressed. The coverage is really great and I bought a shade lighter than my foundation so that I could use for a 2-fold purpose – to cover the rings under my eyes and brighten them up a little. It works really well for what I wanted, but the application isn’t great.

    Instead of a wand, it’s more like a pen with a little brush that the product is pushed through. The product doesn’t distribute evenly through the brush so when applying the concealer, you will have a lot of product in the middle of the bush that you need to ‘paint out’. I’m not sure if that makes any sense? (Comment below if you want me to demonstrate.)

    Their Studio Skin Concealer is what I plan on replacing this product with. It has a wand and I feel the application would be a lot better.  If I had the choice I would take the Smashbox BB Cream Eyes back and replace it but I lost the slip – oops.

    The Smashbox BB Cream Eyes will set you back R 400. 

    The Studio Skin Concealer will set you back R350

  1. Their Step-By-Step Contour Sticks. Step-By-Step Contour Sticks.Guys, I absolutely love these contour sticks! They have a creamy consistency which makes their application effortless and they blend like a dream! They are highly pigmented so you don’t need to waste by going over your contour repeatedly to get your desired look.

    I actually have a video on how to contour with these pens.

    The only problem is that they are quite expensive and I find that they are quite difficult to sharpen without wasting too much of the product. A sharpener is included in the kit as well as an information booklet on how to use these sticks depending on the shape of your face.

    These Step-By-Step Contour Sticks will set you back R600

If you feel like splurging there are so many other incredible Smashbox products you could add to your collection but these fundamentals will total up to around R2000.

Let me know if you want me to review any of the other Smashbox products!

Danielle Combrink