I have recently gone for microblading and it has changed my life! I no longer need to draw or fill in my eyebrows and they look so natural.

Before and After my microblading
Before and After my microblading

What is microblading?

Microblading is a relatively new technique, and the aim is to create eyebrow shape and fullness where there wasn’t any before. Individual micro hair-strokes are hand-drawn into the epidermal (shallow) layer of the skin using a variety of shades of pigment to achieve an extremely realistic 6D hair-stroke and result.

What I love about the microblading technique is the result looks completely real; no eyebrow pen or powder can create an individual hair-stroke of this size and proportion. It also shaves a ton of time in getting ready for girls who draw in their brows; this way you wake up with the perfect pair.

The microblading process:

When I got to the salon I filled out an indemnity form and they applied an anaesthetic gel and wrapped it up with glad wrap. Guys, please note that everyone reacts differently to the aesthetic. For example, If I had known that I take so long to react to it I would have arrived like 2 hours earlier so that they could have applied it long before because as soon as they started the microblading I felt everything! Only towards the end I didn’t feel anything… The procedure is however, pain-freeIMG_4300
IMG_4305Once the anaesthetic had been applied, she mapped out my brows with a series of measurements to create a symmetrical brow shape and outlined my brows using a pencil. I was shown what I looked like and it looked terrible because there were lines all over my face like a piece of graph paper and the eyebrow shape was way bigger than they were actually going to be! When you get yours done, you need to take into consideration that the brows will be inside the lines. It looks like you will have massive eyebrows but don’t worry, that’s not the end result.IMG_4301Once I was happy with the shape we moved on to the microblading. A tiny sterile blade was used to create a hair stroke which was saturated with pigment; the process was repeated until the shape and desired volume was achieved. My procedure took about 2 hours but it varies depending on how much or how little shaping is required.IMG_4309

After the procedure

Ointment supplied must be applied twice daily for 15days. Heavy exercise and sweating should be avoided for a week after the procedure to prevent infection and to ensure the result is perfect. They advised me to do dry healing and I didn’t apply anything to mine – healing is different for everyone.

I still need to go for a touch-up though, I am a little bit terrified though because of how sore my last one was but I’ll be sure to go earlier so my brows are numbed properly and then I’ll wait around for it to be effective.

How long is the healing process?

The brows take between 4 – 6 weeks to heal completely and for the final healed result to be visible. As the skin adjusts to the pigment the color can darken and fade; because of this they will only retouch at 6 weeks. It is normal for the brows to fade by about 50% from the day of the procedure to the result at 4-6 weeks. I still need to go for my touch up but I’m a little terrified.

How long do microbladed brows last?

With proper care and maintenance during the healing phase, the result can last for up to 18 months. This varies from person to person depending on care, skin type and reaction to pigment.

How to make a bookingVogue-Brows-Logo-2016Contact Soekie Owen on 082 680 2715, she is absolutely fantastic. Visit their website: http://www.voguebrows.com for more information!

Final takeawayIMG_4302

I am ecstatic with the results of my microblading and would highly recommend it to everyone! Especially if you spend hours filling in and shaping your brows. Just remember to arrive earlier to ensure the anesthetic is effective or you could even get a local anesthetic from the pharmacy to apply before you go for the procedure.

Have you tried microblading or any other form of permanent makeup? Let me know how much you’re loving it!

Danielle Combrink