Now that winter has arrived I know we all let our leg hair and all-over body hair get a little longer than in summer. That is until we realise we need to do something about the leg hair poking through our leggings, or the whole in your boyfriend jeans that leaves little to the imagination about what furry, fuzzy creature is hiding under there. Well I have an idea for you all, while you legs hibernate during the winter, allow your hair to grow and opt for a wax!

Waxing vs Shaving

Truthfully I know we are all a little bit intimidated by waxing and the way that television has portrayed it has made it seem extremely painful and makes you go and purchase that razor instead, but what waxing really and how does it compare to shaving?


Professional waxing

  • The process: Hot wax is applied to the region you wish to wax and removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth rather swiftly. Yes, it will hurt a bit but it will pull the hair out from the roots, also remember that the more you get waxed the less it hurts and the pain is truly quick and over as soon as its been pulled out,
  • Where can you wax? : You can wax your legs, arms, under arms legs and even bikini areas. Those who have coarse, dark and stubborn hair will benefit from waxing as the more you wax the thinner the hair becomes and when it grows out a bit you will not notice it as much.
  • Pros of waxing: Removes hair from the roots, unlike shaving, and keeps your skin smooth and free of hair for at least three weeks. Some people enjoy smooth skin with waxing for as many as six weeks depending on the thickness and type of hair, once again, the more you wax the longer it takes to grow.
  • Cons of waxing: You have to wait for your hair to regrow to in order to be able to wax again; this is because the wax needs at least a 6mm of stubble hair to be able to grasp and pull it out. The procedure can be painful at times as the hair is ripped out at the roots. Waxing can also cause ingrown hairs in many women if you forget to exfoliate the area where it has been waxed.
  • Average Cost: You will spend anywhere between R180.00- R400.00 for salon waxing. The cost will vary depending on the salon and the areas you wish to get waxed.



  • The process: It really does not need much of an explanation? Well here is an over view. Yes, shaving removes hair at the skin’s surface. You simply cut the hair visible with a razor and the root remains intact and undisturbed.
  • Where can you use a razor? : Legs, arms, underarms and bikini areas. If you have lighter and finer hair, youWaxing vs Shaving can hope for better results with shaving. Shaving your lady parts with a razor can be done but is really not advised as that area is very sensitive.
  • Pros: Quick and easy to do in your daily routine, shaving is also inexpensive and rather painless (even nicking yourself while shaving isn’t too sore it just bleeds a lot). Shaving creams are recommended and make the process all the more easier as it moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft.
  • Cons: Hair regrowth is very quick as it is cut at the surface, you have to shave a lot more often than wax and the regrowth is also blunt and may appear thicker. Cuts, nicks and razor burns go hand in hand with shaving as well as the fact that shaving causes ingrown hairs, which is always a mission.
  • Average Cost: Razors and shaving cream are very inexpensive and can bought at most shops, garages and pharmacies Gilette has ladies razors from R70.00 to R200.00.


So why do I recommend waxing over shaving?

Waxing removes the dead skin cells

When you wax your legs and hands, you are not only getting rid of hair, but you will also exfoliate the skin. The wax helps remove dead skin cells, revealing soft and smooth skin in barely minutes. It is important to exfoliate regularly however many of us do not have the time to do so properly. Waxing will make your skin look and feel more beautiful and pampered and be hairless.

It is Faster

Hair removal from those awkward places can get tricky and become a mission when you try out other methods. A slight change in the razor angle on your skin may lead to cuts; so it’s easier to go for a wax which really does ensures better, quicker and safer hair removal.

Long lastingWaxing vs Shaving

If you really are not sure if you waxing is for you, I suggest you go try one waxing session. When you do go for your wax the hair gets uprooted and therefore it takes more some time for hair to regrow in that region, thus making waxing long lasting and making you feel hairless and fabulous for longer.

Time heals all pains

Do you remember the first time you decided that it was eyebrow plucking time? Well it’s the same case with waxing; the first time may hurt and you get a little teary and you may vow to never do that again, but in the long run you will get used to the pain and you will really want to have that extended length of time with no hair that waxing gives you.


Danielle Combrink